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Rhinoplasty Services Offered in Tacoma, WA

If you’d like to change the size or shape of your nose, rhinoplasty in Tacoma offers a permanent solution. At Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa in Tacoma, Washington, a team of highly skilled plastic surgeons offers the latest rhinoplasty tools and techniques. Learn more during your one-on-one consultation, which you can book online or over the phone today.

Rhinoplasty Q&A

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that alters the size or shape of your nose. Commonly called a “nose job,” rhinoplasty is among the most popular types of plastic surgery in Federal Way, Puyallup, and Tacoma.

Everyone has unique facial features, but if you feel that your nose detracts from your appearance, rhinoplasty can help. Best of all, the results are permanent.

There is no need to live with daily displeasure about the size or shape of your nose when there are highly refined plastic surgery techniques that can help.

What kinds of aesthetic concerns can rhinoplasty correct? Rhinoplasty offers the chance to make significant alterations to the contouring of your nose.

Some of the concerns that lead people to consider rhinoplasty include:

  • Excessively large nose
  • Upturned nasal tip
  • Drooping nasal tip
  • Widely flared nostrils
  • Excess width at the bridge of the nose
  • A flat or bulbous nose
  • Bump on the bridge of the nose
  • Asymmetric nasal openings

Whether you have one or several of these concerns, rhinoplasty offers a chance to create a nose that aligns perfectly with the rest of your facial features.

How Long Does It Take To Recover After Rhinoplasty?

Nasal reshaping requires extensive tissue alteration. Just as no two nose jobs are exactly alike, your recovery process will be unique and depend on the techniques used during your procedure.

Expect to take it easy for a week following your surgery. You may have internal dressings within your nasal cavities and an external splint to protect your nose during these initial days of healing.

A degree of swelling, nasal congestion, and even minor bleeding is normal after rhinoplasty. You may need to sleep slightly elevated or sit upright for a few days.

Some additional guidance your surgeon may provide includes:

  • Brushing your teeth gently to avoid moving your upper lip
  • Avoiding sneezing or blowing your nose
  • Refrain from smiling or making extreme facial expressions
  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • Taking baths instead of showers to keep your nose dressing dry

In the weeks following your surgery, you’ll begin to see the results of your procedure. The full results can take as long as a year to develop. If you’d like to learn more, book a visit at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa online or by phone today.