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CoolSculpting Elite Services Offered in Tacoma, WA

Do you have stubborn fat pockets that don’t disappear with diet and exercise? If so, a simple fat-reduction solution is within reach at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa in Tacoma, Washington. The outstanding plastic surgeons, nurses, and master estheticians offer CoolSculpting Elite® to reduce bothersome fat cells without surgery. Call Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa to learn more, or use the online booking tab today.

CoolSculpting Elite® Q&A

What is CoolSculpting Elite®?

CoolSculpting Elite® is a cutting-edge, FDA-approved technology that reduces bothersome fat pockets by freezing targeted cells without damaging the surrounding tissues.

This treatment eliminates the need for surgery. After being frozen, your body eliminates unwanted fat cells over time. Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa is the only practice in the Tacoma, Federal Way, and Puyallup area to offer the latest CoolSculpting Elite® machines.

What Are the Benefits of CoolSculpting Elite®?

The main benefits associated with CoolSculpting Elite® technology include:

  • Reduced body fat
  • Leaner body composition
  • Improved body contours
  • Slimmer look
  • Self-confidence
  • No pain, surgery, or downtime

CoolSculpting® technology can eliminate troublesome fat pockets that linger, despite reaching an ideal body weight with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Is CoolSculpting Elite® Technology Right for Me?

To find out if you’re a candidate for CoolSculpting Elite® at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa, your provider will discuss your medical history and desired results. They examine your body in areas that concern you before tailing a personalized treatment.

You should be at or near a healthy body weight to reap the most benefits of CoolSculpting Elite® treatment, as it’s not designed for weight loss. You should be within 30 pounds of your goal weight and have realistic expectations regarding your results.

What Should I Expect During My Treatment?

During CoolSculpting treatment, the Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa team places a gel pad and a CoolSculpting Elite® applicator on the treatment area. The technology offers controlled cooling delivered through a specialized handpiece, targeting and freezing unwanted fat cells.

You might feel coolness, tenderness, and minor tugging and pinching, but the treatment isn’t painful. You can watch television, read, or work on your computer during treatment sessions.

What Happens After CoolSculpting Elite® Treatments?

There’s zero downtime after CoolSculpting® treatments so you can resume a regular routine immediately. Common side effects include temporary stinging, bruising, swelling, redness, and soreness at the treatment site.

However, these side effects usually subside within a few hours. Over the next few weeks and months, you will notice improvements in your body composition and body contours. Your Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa provider may suggest multiple treatment sessions to perfect your results. The results are permanent as long as you maintain an ideal body weight.

To learn more about CoolSculpting Elite® in Tacoma at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa, schedule a consultation by phone or online today.