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Are you plagued by sagging skin, overall skin laxity and fine lines and wrinkles? Each of these factors is a visible sign of aging after years of exposure to the sun and environmental toxins.

The age at which your skin shows these signs is regulated by your genetics and lifestyle. When you want a way to tighten your sagging skin and achieve body contouring without anesthesia, you will want to explore the Exilis Elite treatment in Tacoma. Our Med Spa offers many treatments to help you reverse the signs of aging.

How Does Exilis Elite Work?

The Exilis Elite treatment is a non-surgical office-based procedure that tightens the skin and reduces the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. The device uses monopolar radio frequency energy to help promote collagen remodeling and contour the body and face.

This unique heat therapy can address the underlying collagen matrix that over time can break down, causing loose skin without surgical intervention. The device comes with a smaller handpiece for the face and a larger one to treat other areas of the body.

When heated, collagen begins to unravel, and over time, the production of new collagen fibers reveals smoother skin and a radiant appearance. The new collagen can help tighten slightly sagging skin and strengthen and stimulate skin texture.

The device has a built-in thermometer which your master esthetician monitors so there is no risk of overheating. It also uses an advanced cooling system that controls the energy delivery and helps target deeper tissue. Real-time cooling and heating control makes the treatment more comfortable and eliminates pain and bruising. The Exilis Elite should only be used by a trained medical professional on the face and body. Patients in Tacoma, Federal Way, and Puyallup may consider the Exilis Elite treatment to reduce flabby arms, post-baby stomachs, turkey necks, and love handles.

Exilis Elite Recovery

One of the benefits of Exilis Elite is no downtime or recovery time is necessary. The number of treatments you need to achieve optimal results will depend on the size of the area being treated.

During your consultation with us, your provider can recommend the number of treatments they anticipate will be necessary. During the treatment, a grounding pad is placed on you. This helps to direct the radio frequency safely and effectively.

Exilis Elite treatment sessions in Tacoma, Federal Way, and Puyallup last approximately 30 minutes and are relatively pain-free. Immediately after the procedure, your skin may look or feel hot, and there may be some mild discomfort. Aside from a little redness, nothing prevents you from immediately returning to your usual daily routine. The Exilis Elite treatment is safe for all skin types.

Most notice improvements quickly, but it can take a number of treatments to see optimal results. Yearly maintenance treatments may be required to maintain your results.

Good Candidates for Exilis Elite

People in Tacoma, Federal Way, and Puyallup who are excellent candidates for Exilis Elite treatment want skin rejuvenation benefits without a surgical procedure. Candidates who have reasonable expectations of the results and who are non-smokers have the best results. Smoking and other nicotine delivery devices impair collagen production and increase the visible signs of aging. When you pair Exilis Elite treatment with another invasive procedure, nicotine can also increase the risk of adverse effects and impair healing.

Some people should not use Exilis Elite. People with serious health concerns, such as heart disease, cancer, or liver and kidney disease. Others with skin diseases or active infections in the area where treatment will be performed should also not receive Exilis Elite treatment. Medical conditions that preclude the use of the device may include cold sores, pacemakers, and implanted metal devices such as hip joints or electronic devices such as an internal defibrillator. The radio frequency energy could damage these medical devices.

Anyone with metal dental braces should also steer clear of Exilis elite treatment on the face, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid the treatment until they are finished having a family. Anyone who has had an ablative laser skin resurfacing or a deep chemical peel should wait at least four months until they choose Exilis Elite, and those who have used Accutane in the past year should also delay treatment.

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If you are interested in trying the Exilis Elite treatment in Tacoma or want more information on how to address your cosmetic goals, we encourage you to call today to schedule a consultation. Our experienced and compassionate team will discuss your concerns and recommend the procedure that will best meet your aesthetic goals.