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Brow Lift Services Offered in Tacoma, Puyallup, and Federal Way, WA

If you’re bothered by lines, wrinkles, lax skin, or other unwelcome signs of aging near your eyebrows and forehead, see the experts at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa in Puyallup, Tacoma, and Federal Way, Washington. The skilled plastic surgeons offer brow lifts to tighten aging skin and perfect its appearance. Call the office to learn more, or schedule a consultation online today.

Years of gravity and furrowing your eyebrows, in combination with genetics and skin laxity, can result in a consistent tired or angry look on your face. You may have found that selfies on social media and online video meetings reveal eyebrows that are sagging lower and lower.

A brow lift in Tacoma can help rejuvenate your expression and may be all you need if you have been considering a facelift. In fact, some people find that a brow lift can help alleviate the excess skin on their upper eyelids that may have otherwise required eyelid surgery. Our team is ready to help you determine the best facial plastic surgery treatment for your needs.

What Is a Brow Lift?

As you age, the accumulated effect of gravity and sun damage can weaken the skin and cause a loss of elasticity. This can produce wrinkles, deep horizontal lines, and tired, drooping eyebrows.

In Tacoma, a brow lift is an outpatient surgical procedure that is sometimes called a forehead lift. The procedure can be combined with a facelift or blepharoplasty when needed. The goal is to tighten the skin on the forehead, smoothing lines and wrinkles while giving the upper part of your face a younger appearance. A forehead lift or brow lift can also balance asymmetrical facial features depending on the degree to which your surgeon tightens the skin and muscle.

A brow lift at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa in Puyallup, Tacoma, and Federal Way is a surgical procedure in which your specialist lifts and rejuvenates aging skin near your brows or forehead. The procedure is also called a browplasty or a forehead lift.

During treatment, your specialist removes excess skin from your forehead to lift your eyebrows. The procedure can make you look years younger and help you gain confidence.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

An ideal candidate for any surgical procedure has all underlying medical conditions under control, is a nonsmoker, and has realistic expectations of the results. Underlying medical conditions and smoking can adversely affect anesthesia and recovery.

It is important to know that a brow lift addresses only the skin above the eyebrows and may leave slightly visible scarring. Some people experience numbness around the incision side that can take several months to resolve or temporary hair loss near the incision site.

Good candidates for this procedure have a naturally low-set brow and horizontal lines in their forehead. People with normal or high-set eyebrows are not good candidates since the procedure can leave them looking permanently surprised.

There are several surgical approaches in Tacoma to a brow lift. You should discuss these with your experienced surgeon so the approach also meets your cosmetic needs. For example, your surgeon may use an incision just below the hairline for people who have a high or receding hairline. By removing excess skin and tissue from the top of the forehead, it may slightly lower the hairline. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to all the surgical approaches, which is why it is crucial to discuss these with your surgeon.

What to Expect During Forehead Lift Recovery

Your recovery time can take from one to two weeks, during which you need to rest. The length of time varies depending on the surgical approach used. However, you can potentially expect bruising and swelling to last for up to two weeks. Many patients are comfortable with over-the-counter pain medication options, but your doctor could prescribe pain medication, depending on the surgical approach.

The sutures will likely be removed roughly one week after the procedure unless your plastic surgeon uses dissolvable stitches. The area will also be bandaged, and your surgeon will discuss how long the bandage should be kept on and how you should take care of the incision.

You can expect your eyebrows to be slightly elevated in a resting position for the first several weeks after surgery. They do settle into a more natural position within the first month. Depending on how much swelling you have, you may also notice some asymmetry. That should settle as the swelling goes down.

For most people in Tacoma, the results of a brow lift can last up to 10 years. However, while cosmetic surgery can help temporarily reverse the hands of time, it does not stop aging altogether. You can minimize the loss of skin elasticity and other visible signs of aging by using SPF 30 sunscreen and high-quality skin care products.

Brow Lift Q&A

What Are the Benefits of a Brow Lift?

The main benefits associated with a brow lift include:

  • Raised brows
  • Tighter skin
  • Reduced lines and wrinkles
  • Younger-looking, smoother skin
  • Refreshed, natural look
  • Low risk of side effects
  • Reduced skin laxity, sagging, or drooping

Downtime is minimal after a brow lift, and you can enjoy the benefits of a younger-looking appearance with long-lasting results.

Is a Brow Lift Right for Me?

Men and women with lax or drooping skin near their brows and forehead can benefit from brow lifts at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa. To find out which treatment best suits you, the team discusses your medical history and beauty goals. They examine the skin on your face and tailor a treatment that matches your needs.

You might be a candidate for injectable fillers or Botox® combined with a brow lift to enhance your results and create a natural look. The Aesthetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa surgeons also offer additional facial revitalization procedures, such as laser skin resurfacing, eyelid lifts, face-lifts, and neck lifts.

What Should I Expect During a Brow Lift?

Before surgery, you might receive general anesthesia to help you fall asleep or local anesthesia with a sedative to relax you and enhance comfort.

Your surgeon uses an endoscopic technique to complete the procedure because it’s minimally invasive and minimizes scarring with a faster recovery.

Your specialist makes tiny incisions in your hairline, inserts a small endoscope (tiny tube with a camera), and moves the scope into the brow area to perform the procedure. They use stitches to lift and tighten your brows and forehead to an elevated position.

What Happens After a Brow Lift?

After the procedure, have a family member or friend drive you home. You can expect swelling, tenderness, and bruising in your upper face near the brows or around your eyes. Use a cold compress to diminish these common side effects, and take medications as directed.

Sleep upright for three or four nights following a brow lift and avoid stress to your face during the healing process.

The average recovery time takes about two to three weeks, though you’ll notice results immediately. After healing is complete, you can enjoy a lifted forehead and brows, reduced wrinkles, less skin sagging, and a younger look.

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