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You can now get Vitamin and Nutrient Shots in the Spa! Do you need a vitamin boost? Take the test!

Vitamin and nutrient shots are now available in the medical spa.

Why Vitamin Shots?

You aren’t what you eat, you are what you absorb! Injections bypass the all too finicky digestive process, ensuring maximal absorption of the B vitamins regardless of digestive health, medication use, or let’s face it – poor diet. Benefits are noticeable, felt quickly, last longer, and raise levels of the vitamins effectively leaving you feeling strong, energized, and optimized!


If you answer YES to any of the following questions, likely, you will greatly benefit from a series of Vitamin B Shots.

  • Do you struggle with:
  • low energy and constant fatigue?
  • poor focus and brain fog?
  • high levels of stress and/or poor sleep?
  • IBS, bloating, poor digestion, celiac? PMS or other hormonal imbalances?
  • low mood and anxiety?
  • constantly sick?
  • tough recovery after consuming alcohol?
  • anemia? or neuropathy?
  • cardiovascular disease risk factors?

Are you:

  • a vegan or on a detox?
  • on an acid-blocking medication?
  • taking metformin or oral birth control?
  • 50 years or older?
  • an avid exerciser?

Mega B $40 Add Folate $5

Vitamin B12 +Vitamin B Complex

  • Provides Lasting Energy
  • Boosts Physical & Mental Stamina
  • Aids in Weight Loss & Fat Burn Improves Metabolism & Liver Detox
  • Ultimate Performance Enhancer
  • Decreases Risk Markers of Heart Disease and Improves Fat & Cholesterol Processing
  • Plus Benefi­ts from B12 Booster

B12 Booster $30

Vitamin B12

  • Elevates Energy & Mood
  • Helps Memory & Focus
  • Eliminates Brain fog & Lethargy
  • Boosts Performance & Recovery Time
  • Improves Sleep & Stress Response
  • Nourishes your Nervous System


Super Hero $35

Vitamin B12 +Folate

  • Helps with Depression & Anxiety
  • Necessary for DNA Repair & Anti-Aging
  • Improves Hormone Processing & Fertility
  • Boosts Wound Healing & Exercise Recovery
  • Enhances Sleep Quality
  • Plus Benefits from B12 Booster

Forever Young $45 


  • The “Mother” of all Antioxidants
  • Anti-Aging & DNA Protecting
  • Strong Immune System Booster
  • Detoxifies Heavy Metals & Xenobiotics
  • Protects the Brain
  • Encourages Youthful & Glowing Skin