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For several years, patients all across Tacoma, WA and beyond have trusted their aesthetic care to our team of skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Each of our brilliant physicians brings their unique skill set, expertise, and background to the table to offer men and women of all ages a range of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. At Aesthetic Surgical Centre & MedSpa, we strive to live up to our motto, "Artistry, Integrity, Experience," by providing stunning results, honest guidance, and high-quality care to all who visit our plastic surgery office. We are proud to say that we have touched the lives of many throughout our years in practice. We invite you to view real accounts from patients who have experienced our attentive, personalized care firsthand.

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Review from F.D.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Apr 28, 2021

I had Laser Blepharoplasty to repair droopy eyelids that were interfering with my vision. I cannot comment on the cost because the Veteran’s Administration was paying for the service. Dr. Woodman and his staff were  personable, friendly and treated me like a person instead of a job. I initially saw him about two weeks before the surgery for a consultation and received insurance approval about a week later. I was fortunate to be able to take advantage of a cancellation and got the work done sooner than expected. The intake process was well organized and similar to other surgeries I have had. The nurses were friendly and seemed genuinely concerned with my comfort. Dr. Woodman came to my bed and explained the surgery before we started. The anesthesia is the same or similar to that used for a colonoscopy.  When I woke up, I was in no pain but my vision was a blur as expected. It cleared up enough to get around by the time I got home but not enough to read or watch TV. I slept most of the afternoon and about 6 hours after the surgery, my vision was clear enough to use my computer. I did not have the prescription for opioid pain reliever filled and took Tylenol instead. I had no pain that day or the next. I did not need any further pain revlievers. Dr. Woodman called my on the evening of the surgery to see how I was doing and confirmed that the symptoms I was experiencing were normal. I am only 1 day post op but so far, so good. More

Review from D.B.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Aug 07, 2016

I’m 61 and looked at least 71. My eyes were droopy and I had really bad bags. I had upper and lower eyelid surgery along with laser on the lower lids.  I was concerned about my eyes blending in with rest of my non surgical face. Dr Woodman did an excellent job. People have commented on how good I look, not realizing I had surgery. Even my out- of-state daughter noticed how blue my eyes looked when she visited rather than seeing my post lift eyes.  My appearance is what she saw, not my surgical fix. I look rested and natural. My haggard and tired look is gone. I was nervous about doing this, but so happy I found Dr Woodman. The results really speak to his skill. I had no post surgical problems.  But did have severe dry eye which dr woodman fixed. I’m so happy with the eye results that I’m now seeing Angela on the spa side and she is as skilled in her field as Dr Woodman is in his. I’ve had two microdermabrasion/chemical peels with Angela and feel amazing. Really beginning to a difference in my skin.  I highly recommend the aesthetic surgery centre. PS:  I get my car washed on senior day and get $2. off. The last time I went they didn’t automatically give me the discount. I had to ask for it.  The guy looked at me kind of funny, but finally said ok. Now that really tells how great Dr Woodman and Angela are! More

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