Textured Implant Recall

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With all the recent buzz about the Allergan textured implant recall, we at Aesthetic Surgery Centre would like to take this opportunity to explain what this means for our patients. Allergan voluntarily recalled all of its textured implants and expanders. Allergan's smooth surface implants and new smooth expanders remain available. The recall doesn't require any action by patients with breast implants. It simply means that Allergan's textured implants and expanders have been removed from the market. No new Allergan textured implants or expanders are being used at this time.

The reason for the Allergan recall of textured implants and expanders in their Bio Cell surface texturing, seems to be associated with a higher rate of BIA-ALCL. Breast Implant-Associated - Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma is a very rare cancer of the capsule around a breast implant. There have only been 573 unique and pathologically confirmed cases of BIA-ALCL worldwide. When compared to 550,000 breast implants placed in the United States last year alone, this a fairly low risk.

Neither the FDA or ASPS reommends removing any textured implants or expanders from Allergan, or any other brand, that are not symptomatic. Symptoms that might require further investigation are swelling, increased size and significant pain.

Texted and smooth implants and expanders, from Sietra and Mentor remain available for use.

For further information check out this link about BIA-ALCL as well as the FDA link below.



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