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How To Find the Right Injector For You

In today’s booming aesthetic industry, patients (both savvy and injectable newbies) are being inundated with injectors to choose from. Presented with social media blasts, and recommendations from family or friends- how does one choose?

Here are some essential attributes to look for in your aesthetic injector.

First and foremost, is safety. Some important questions to ask your injector are about their emergency preparedness plan. How many vials of Hylenex are kept on-site? What is their vascular occlusion protocol? How about for an ocular occlusion? What does that all even mean? A good injector will take the time to explain these risks and complications, as well as educate, educate, educate. Personally, when I educate patients on what normal tissue appearance looks like I do so on their own skin so they can recognize what abnormal looks like. Our goal at Aesthetic Surgery Centre Medi Spa is to empower you through education so you have a better understanding of the “why”.

Continuing education also plays into safety. As the injectables industry grows, so does the science! Does your injector have a passion for the art of filler and Botox? Do they seek out additional resources to further educate themselves on the new and improved products and techniques? Personally, as an RN/BSN injector, I participate in quarterly filler training, attend cadaver dissections (got to stay up on my anatomy!), as well as I am a Patreon member of some of the pioneers and leaders in the aesthetic industry such as Julie Kaplan, Erika Barry, Jennifer Prince, and Rana Kennelly to name a few.

Lastly, there is the overall aesthetic. Meaning does your aesthetic taste align with the previous work you see from the injector? Does your injector look overfilled? If so, chances are you might eventually be too. It can be daunting to figure out what aesthetic treatments are right for you, but choosing a provider you trust will make navigating these waters much less complicated.

Safety, education, and aesthetic are just some attributes to look for. I do understand choosing an injector can be more complex than this. I’ve come to learn that not everyone is for me and I’m not for everyone. Fortunately, we have multiple injector providers at Aesthetic Surgery Centre Medi Spa so we can match you with a provider best for you and your goals.


Lucy Lucas, RN BSN

Aesthetic Surgery Centre