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i felt compelled to write a letter expressing my gratitude for the care, compassion and confidence that I received from you and your staff in fulfilling my life long dream of getting my breasts enhanced to balance my body.

I was impressed by your staff's quick response to my initial email inquiry. I was able to schedule an appointment within a week. I felt at ease from the moment I stepped into your clinic and was greeted by your friendly personnel. After meeting you, Dr. Ehret, I was put to ease from the anxiety I felt with this major decision.

Your attentiveness during my appointments meant a lot to me. You heard my every word of what I wanted and dreamt about for 40 years. Wanting bigger breasts that were just "right' for my body type - without looking "fake" was my desire.

Your thoroughness helped me understand my options: type of implants, different sizes that would match my body type, pre and post surgery procedures, and the do's and don't s for a quicker recovery.

Today, one month after surgery, I am ecstatic with my new breasts. The "girls" are beautiful and exactly what I dreamt of. Thank you, Dr. Ehret, for being the doctor who made my dream a beautiful reality. I highly recommend you and your staff to anyone with my full confidence.

Happily, B Santiago

Dear Dr. Ehret
I want to express to you my deepest gratitude. I’m so pleased with the results of my surgery. You are not just an amazing surgeon but, I can also see how amazing you are as a person. I appreciate your kindness, how warm and caring you are and most importantly your honesty regarding what to expect from the surgery. Let me tell you something, the results far exceeded my expectations. I feel more confident and happy. You have changed my life in so many ways. Life seems more enjoyable. Thanks for everything you and your staff did for me. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. Thanks for the incredible and absolutely amazing job you did with my surgery

Forever grateful, M Vique

Dear Dr Ehret,
A few years ago I met you in the local ER where I am a nurse. You were the physician on call many nights for plastics. I watched in awe the work you performed on our children who had suffered trauma to the facial area. I was intrigued by your expectation of perfection from yourself as well as our staff. You not only expected it...but demanded it. I really liked that about you. So, when I was making the decision to undergo breast augmentation, I knew you were the physician to call. This last January you performed a breast augmentation and lift on me. I cannot express how pleased I am at the results. You not only transformed my figure, but have boosted my esteem and have made me not so embarrassed by my body. I am a curvy girl and now I am proportioned and love all my curves. I recently did a pin up photo shoot not only for my husband as a gift, but also for myself. I felt very empowered by expressing myself and showing off a bit of skin! I never would have done that a year ago. Thank you to you as well as your staff. They are all wonderful! I reccommend you to all who are seeking plastic surgery! Attached are some shots from the photo shoot.

Thanks again, K.M., Gig Harbor, WA
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I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new curves. I love the result! Thank you to everyone for your patience and guidance through the process.

M.F., Graham, WA

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Kathy Johnson is wonderful. Speaking with her on the phone - her compassion and helpfulness is wonderful!"
C.P., Centralia, WA

I will always chose Dr. Ehret and his team. A great experience and I would certainly do it all over again!

Dr. Pratt,
Thank you for what you have done to improve my appearance and the quality of my life. Having a more normal appearance has given me a better self image, and enabled me to feel more self-confident. I love that I have a very natural appearance, and feel that I look like myself again. When I see old friends they are amazed and tell me that the paralysis is not very noticeable now. You not only met our goal, but exceeded my greatest expectations and offered me hope when all the other doctors told me that nothing could be done. You and your staff provide such good care that it made the healing process go easily. Everyone I encountered in your office had a cheerful attitude, kind words of encouragement, was very knowledgeable, and made sure I knew I could call with any question, anytime. I always felt confident that I was getting the best care possible. Words cannot express my gratitude! Thank you again,


Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to enhance the size of my breasts. With a pear shaped body, I always felt awkward. Prior to my surgery, I was a 34B and now I'm a 34D! After a lot of on-line research and reading, I decided that Frederick W. Ehret, M.D., a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, would be the one most suitable to perform my breast augmentation. This was one of the BEST THINGS I have ever done for myself! The recovery time was very quick and totally "pain free" for me. I highly recommend the Aesthetic Surgery Centre - the office is great, the staff and doctors are friendly and professional, and Dr. Ehret is a miracle worker. Hats off to you all!

N.D.. Graham, WA

At 53, I was tired of looking at a face that did not reflect the real person inside. Rather than just live with a face that did not match my spirit or vitality, I decided to take action. Dr. Geissler, who had recently done my IOL implants in both my eyes, referred me to Dr. Pratt and Dr. Ehret. He had told me they were two of the very best for what I wanted done.

After I had done some research on the web to become more knowledgeable in what I intended to have done concerning the operations, I made an appointment with Dr. Pratt first to discuss my sagging eyelids and lazy left eye. When I entered the office, the staff was attentive and polite. Dr Pratt and I talked about the operation, recovery and results expectations. Dr. Pratt answered my questions clearly and to my satisfaction and curiosity in a comfortable environment. I was to have the excess skin over my eyelids removed; a ligament in my left eye tightened to remedy the lazy eye look and the tired bags under my eyes removed and laser resurfacing done.

The day of the operation was as comfortable and casual as I could have wished. I experienced very little or no pain after the operation or during my immediate recovery period. It went so well I was excited to take the next step and have my nose fixed by Dr. Ehret. My meeting with Dr. Ehret was as impressive as that with Dr. Pratt. Dr. Ehret was curious why a man at my age (53) wanted cosmetic surgery done. I answered him truthfully and was very specific as to what I saw in the mirror. I wanted the lump on my nose smoothed out and the broadness narrowed to fit my face better. In addition, I wanted my bulbous nose end made smaller. He was satisfied with my answers and sincerity and we planned the operation date. My operation was a breeze and I had no problems at all during or after the surgery. No pain, bleeding or anything like you may have seen on that cable TV show Dr. 90210. I wore my nose splint for 3 weeks and followed doctor's orders for the best recovery results.

Now friends and family are noticing and remarking about my blue eyes more, now that they can see them better and the lazy left eye is gone. My nose is great and I love the way it fits my face and has added to my new youthful appearance. Persons at work that do not know my age guess me to be in my mid to late 30's and are shocked to learn my true age. After all age is a state of mind but it helps to look the part to. I cannot say enough about the masterful artisanship of Dr. Pratt and Dr. Ehret or the cosmetic surgery they have done for me. They matched my expectations and more as a person that looks at the details, I am beyond pleased with my new look and feel it matches the youthful spirit and energy I still possess inside of me. If I need a facial tune up when I am 80, they will be the first fellows I go to have it done. I very highly recommend both of these fine doctors. Their staff was very helpful, polite and attentive and added to the comfort and quality I experienced while there for my operations.

M. B., Bonney Lake, WA

As a patient of Dr. Woodman, I was completely satisfied with the level of care I received. Dr. Woodman is a qualified and skilled physician with excellent bedside manner and communication skills. The clinic staff are friendly and professional. The Aesthetic Centre has an asset in Dr. Woodman. He is as charming and compassionate a man as he is a competent and credible surgeon. The staff--especially Lysa Massey--was fantastic in their long-distance communications with me in China. I couldn't have been more pleased with the personal and professional care I received at the Aesthetic Centre.

I live and work in China, so I needed a plastic surgeon who was qualified and trustworthy and I needed his or her staff to be considerate of my unusual situation. I communicated with Dr. Woodman's office by email with Lysa Massey. We arranged the treatment scheduling, pre-op preparation and payment before Lysa and I met each other face to face. Dr. Woodman and the staff made me feel at ease before, during, and after my lower eyelid (transconjunctival belpharoplasty) procedure. I was delightfully surprised at how smooth and efficient the entire process was. Dr. Woodman is both competent and compassionate. After meeting with him and his staff, I knew I had made a sound choice for my cosmetic surgeon. I requested a lower eyelid procedure (transconjunctival belpharoplasty) to remove the bags under my eyes. Since I live and work in China, I decided to return to the USA for treatment and what was most important to me in finding a surgeon was the surgeon's credentials and competence. Dr. Woodman belongs to professional organizations that I demanded of my surgeon: the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Medical Association. I felt comfortable knowing that Dr. Woodman had training and certification in cosmetic surgery of the eyes. I am happy to be his patient and to make this voluntary review.

I'm an American working in China. In business here, relations are more important than contracts. My friends, colleagues and customers are like an extended family, so when that family started to express almost daily concern for my well-being because of the dark, droopy bags under my eyes, I became self-conscious and overly concerned with my physical appearance. It wasn't that the bags under my eyes bothered me at all, the trouble was the fuss that everyone made about them. People I cared about were concerned that I wasn't sleeping well and/or that I was in poor health. In response I changed my diet and exercise habits and even tried some expensive moisturizers that claimed to remove the dark, droopy bags under eyes. Eventually I made the decision to investigate cosmetic surgery, but only because--and this is important to me--I felt that my eyes were no longer introducing the real me. My eyes told my extended family and the world that I was a tired, sickly person and that was a lie. In my 40s now, I've had excellent exercise and diet habits since my 20s and I simply look and feel good--for my age or younger!

I chose Aesthetic Centre for my transconjunctival belpharoplasty because of the doctor's credentials in ophthalmic plastic surgery. I wanted a physician who was specially trained and board certified in cosmetic surgery of the eyes. In the 2 months after the surgery, I have no regrets. Here in China everyone understands that I took a long vacation stateside and returned to China looking rested and refreshed. My daily routine has actually improved, as I no longer feel self-conscious and annoyed by the assumptions others made of my health and well-being. My eyes no longer lie about me. Instead, I can be the same old energetic, healthy me that everyone has come to trust and rely on. Now it's just business as usual.

R.M., China

My name is Chris Lundsgaard and I am a business owner in Southwest Washington. My business is open seven days a week, very active and labor intense. After twenty years of daily involvement, the toll on my facial appearance was beyond my years and activity level. After inquiry and several professional recommendations I came to see Dr. Troy Woodman at the Aesthetic Surgery Centre. Dr. Woodman is highly qualified and he is very approachable which made me feel at ease from the beginning to the end of the procedure. He and his staff create a very positive environment and listen to the patient. They make suggestions to help you with your decisions and get you the most services for your budget.

On the day of my chosen procedure I was highly impressed with the entire surgical staff. I was confident in their professional manner and looked forward to positive results. After my surgery the follow-up and concern shown by Dr. Woodman impressed me very much. He called my home several times to check on my condition and I also had follow-up visits to his office to check on the recuperation process. In my case I experienced very little discomfort and did not feel the need to take any pain medication. I am very happy with the results of Dr. Woodman’s work and would highly recommend anyone considering cosmetic surgery to consult with Dr. Troy Woodman at the Aesthetic Surgery Centre. You will be pleased.

Sincerely, Chris Lundsgaard


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